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One of the most devastating events that can occur to anyone or organization is to experience a fire disaster. The California wild Fire that occurred in 2021 was highly devastating and destroyed a lot of properties. Fire incidents can also be caused by other circumstances such as gas explosions,fires from electrical fittings, etc.Recovering properties lost due to fire damage can be daunting, and we hope to guide you through the process.

Causes of Fire Outbreaks

While we will be talking more about how to get back a property that has been lost due to fire damage. We will look into some causes of fire outbreak

  1. Broken appliances and electrical parts
  2.  Bad or damaged fuel supply
  3.  Wrong use of various types of equipment
  4.  Placing flammable devices close to heat

While sometimes, fire outbreaks might still occur even after taking all the appropriate precautions. Certain steps can be taken to salvage or recover some of the properties that were destroyed by fire.

Recovering A Property Lost To Fire Outbreak

After a major or minor fire outbreak, specific properties sometimes becomes unsalvageable, but with present-day technology, a sizable amount of properties can still be recovered by adopting some of the methods listed below

  1. During the process of putting out fires, various liquid substances might be used to put out the fire, and these might get other materials in the house wet and spoilt FREEZE DRYING is a technique that can be adapted to recovering certain items such as books, certificates, etc. It involves putting the item in a freezer and allowing the moisture to turn into solid ice, which can then be removed from the item.
  2. During a fire outbreak, certain materials might not get burnt but will be greatly stained Examples of such materials are towels, duvets, soft clothes, etc. To recover such materials back to its original state, Specialized Washing Machines that firefighters and sportsmen use can be used to clean them up and they will return back to good quality.
  3. Homes generally tend to use different materials for their floor or body finishes, while some of these materials are more prone to fire damage such as carpets, rugs, etc., concrete and tiles are less prone to be destroyed by fire. For those with wood fittings, timing is very essential if the wood material is not entirely destroyed by fire outbreak. A vacuum-packing process can be used to dry the wood up and restore it back to normal.

After fire outbreaks, most properties always tend to retain the smoke odor, which is not good and sometimes serves as a reminder of a terrible ordeal. Therefore, it is important to contact restoration companies to help remove such unpleasant smells that can still be around. To accomplish the task, specific fogging equipment can be used. It generates an oil-based fog that can enter smoke-affected surfaces and destroy the smoke molecules.

A good and proper understanding of what can be salvaged after a fire incident is critical as it will help to properly direct one priority to carry out the process of saving once items as timing is crucial.

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