Basement Water Removal

Flood damage is without a doubt one of the most devastating events your home can experience and is one of the most emotionally and physically exhausting events you can experience as a homeowner.

To solve the problem properly, it is necessary to take appropriate steps to remove and clean the water. After cleaning, you will definitely want to consider precautions such as waterproofing in the basement to avoid any kind of leakage and flooding in the future.

Find out the problem

There are different places for water to enter your home basement, but the most important ones are your windows, your walls, and the drain between the wall and the floor of your home.

If you are having problems with wet basements, you first need to know where the water is coming from and why. Once you find the reason, be sure to patch it so that the water does not continue to flow while you are struggling with the cleaning process.

Some reasons for basement leaks are attributed to extreme storms and rain, heavy snow melting, and dirty gutters.

Prepare yourself for cleaning

It’s necessary to make sure to turn off all the electricity through the basement.  This prevents from unnecessary electrical injuries and shock.

In order to protect yourself from the water and dirt, you can wear protective clothing such as waterproof shoes, waterproof clothes, waterproof gloves, and goggles. These types of protective gear could help guard against bacteria that might be present in the dirty water.

Pump out the water

As mentioned earlier, you should not try to clear the water out of the basement as soon as possible. There is still a huge amount of the water pressure on the soil outside the foundation of your home and the walls of your basement, which is caused by water coming from outside.

Water inside your basement can help balance external pressure, and expelling it too fast can break the basement walls and they can buckle.

To safely remove standing water from your basement, make sure the standing water outside your home is depleted. Use a pump to help drain the water inside your basement.

Mess Clean-up

Make sure you inspect your basement for leaks, cracks, or other problems that could put you at risk of another flood in the future.

Many people use their basements for storage rooms or garages or guest rooms, offices, and entertainment areas.  Therefore, a proper cleaning and drying process by mitigation experts is required.  This will prevent the possible development of other hazards such as mold build up. Contact us today and we offer another services like Water damage services.

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