fire damage

Fire incident are an emotionally draining experience. Despite the trauma, one has to act quickly. The process of carrying out the fire restoration of a building is very important to avoid further loss.

Although all buildings are not completely burnt, a tiny fire can create a lot of damage. On average, in the United States, one building is burnt every minute. During the process of putting it out, a lot of damage can also be done from fumes that emanate from the building.


It is important to contact the insurance company as soon as possible; taking pictures and videos might also prove to be valuable. Efforts should be made to protect the property and also keep a personal record of damaged items. Damaged property should be assessed by a restoration professional.

The following areas should be inspected for damages:

  • Wall.Insurance inspectors need to check the level of damage to the drywall, structure, etc.
  • The Roof of the Building.  The wood frame could have been damaged during the fire
  • Windows and Blinds.  The heat from the fire can cause the various window frames and parts to be compromised.
  • Plumbing Works and Electrical Fittings.  Fire can destroy or damage pipes, chimneys, and other electrical fittings.

After getting the insurance company to take full and proper inventory of the situation on the ground, the next most important step is to get restoration experts to guide you through the restoration process. The process of carrying out a fire restoration requires a skilled restoration professional.

They are skilled in offering the following services, namely:

  • Proper analysis of the extent of damage and how to proceed is important as the structural stability of the building is now in question. Restoration experts are trained to understand what to salvage.
  • Equipment such as washing machines can be used in carrying smoke restoration of soiled clothes.
  • Restoration companies have specialized equipment for removing particles such as smoke odor and soot.
  • Any materials that will be used afterward should be thoroughly disinfected, washed, and cleaned. Fire restoration of materials left behind is best left to experts.


  • While fire can be caused by a wide range of natural disasters such as lightning, wildfire, etc., a lot of steps can be taken to prevent fire in homes
  • Domestic fire can start from the kitchen at a moment’s notice. It is important not to leave lit cooktops unattened.
  • Backyard BBQ’s should be controlled and away from the house.

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