In this article, we will discussing about smoke remediation techniques, that is, ways to remove smoke from surfaces and clothing.

  • Washing and scrubbing of exterior surfaces is an excellent way to carry out the restoration of smoke damage.
  • Interior walls should be cleaned with mild soap and cleaning solutions that are not too harsh.
  • Proper washing of all clothing that have been affected by the fire is necessary.
  • Items such as carpets and furniture should be disinfected and steamed if needed.
  • Chairs, tables, curtains, or window blinds should be deodorized.
  • Appliances and electrical equipment should be cleaned professionally to remove smoke residue, soot, and ash. Damaged filters and parts should be replaced.
  • When firefighting foams are used to put off the fire, the residue on the property or within the vicinity can be cleaned by using detergent to wash off the dried residue.
  • Smoke remediation can also be carried out in situations where ash and soot are present; proper cleaning of any debris left will reduce the smoke odor.
  • Odors from smoke can penetrate and infuse into carpets, curtains, furnishings, etc. The proper smoke remediation techniques are needed to remove the odor from these surfaces.
  • For mild odors, sometimes white vinegar works well. The vinegar is used to wipe down furniture, floors, walls, and can sometimes neutralize the smell.
  • Baking soda is also a natural odor-absorber.  Placing bowls of baking soda around the room for several days helps to absorb odor.
  • Odor-reducing products can be used to remove the smell,  especially those with  a substance known as cyclodextrin, a sugar-like compound that nuetralizesthe odors.  This product is very efficient and affective in removing the smoke odor.
  • Activated Charcoal, which serves as a detoxifying agent, is also a natural odor absorbent. Applying activated charcoal in the powdered form around the room may help to absorb the smoke odors.
  • Fresh air is another way to dissolve the smell of smoke. Keeping windows and doors open to allow fresh air to accelerate the process of odor removal.
  • Ozone Generators are another way to eliminate or reduce smoke in the house. These generators are quite effective to eliminate stubborn odor that has permeated into the furniture, curtains, carpets, and furnishings.
  • It is very important to get the help of professional Restoration companies to handle the process.

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